About us

Our values

Our values have underpinned our development into becoming one of the world’s leading providers of tooling and lightweight component solutions.

Trusted – Dynamic – Exceptional

The ethos at the heart of our company is built on being trusted, dynamic and exceptional. It is these qualities that our customers, suppliers and employees recognise and have complete confidence in us – to always be honest, diligent and unyielding in our attention to detail. Our dynamism is based on being responsive, agile and energised. Our commitment to high standards, technical expertise and investment in people is paramount.

Our customers include some of the most prestigious names in the automotive, F1, aerospace, and defence sectors. Our continued relationship with these customers demonstrates our ability to achieve and maintain very high standards. We pride ourselves on an unrivalled level of commitment, client confidentiality and strong customer relations.


Recognising our responsibility to grow without compromising resources for future generations, we are working towards certification to the Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001.

This revised standard ensures our environmental management is completely integrated and aligned with our business strategies. We are committed to protecting the environment. We have taken steps to improve our environmental efficiency by optimizing the efficiency of our operations and waste management activities, thereby minimizing the environmental impact. Our focus results in being more sustainable and helping preserve the world’s resources for our future generations. We achieve this through process optimisation, the use of advanced machinery and equipment, the conservation of energy, minimisation of waste and recycling initiatives.

Modern Slavery Act Statement

We are committed to conducting our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we are based with the utmost integrity. This means we will respect people and value their diversity. Our aim is to create an inclusive organisation where everyone’s skills and contributions are welcomed and valued.

We believe that our exposure to the risk of modern slavery is low within our business. However, this assessment will be kept under review and if circumstances change, we will have no hesitation in instituting additional actions. We understand, to deliver our strategy for growth, we must make sure we interact with our employees, customers, and others properly and have therefore established the following principles:

  • Build relationships based on trust
  • Never compromise health & safety
  • Respect people and value their diversity
  • Thrive on complexity
  • Challenge ourselves
  • Safeguard customers reputations
  • Always strive to deliver

We have high expectations for our employees, our Code or Conduct extends to our suppliers, who are expected to adopt similar standards.