Case study


The Sailrocket team had been developing their concept for an offshore sailing boat which utilizes the innovation that helped them smash the outright world speed sailing record. They believed the craft they were working on could re-define what high performance wind driven boats can do across the oceans of the world.
Formaplex were chosen to work alongside the Sailrocket team to provide composites tooling and components for various parts of their project. The Sailrocket speed sailing programme delivered on 11 years of dedicated work. Whilst the last run stunned the sailing world, the deep satisfaction within the team came from the fact that the run proved not only that their theories were sound and the numbers were good… but that they, as a team, could turn them into reality.

The Sailrocket 2 broke the world speed sailing record after reaching 59.23 knots (109.69 km/h) over 500 metres, in Walvis Bay, Namibia. After 10 years of hard work and constant fine-tuning, the world speed sailing record was reached.

Still currently holding the outright world speed sailing record at 65.45 knots,  the Sailrocket programme has established itself as an epicentre for development of next generation high speed foils. Guided by low carbon vehicle innovation and harnessing the latest composites materials technology from Formaplex, and aerodynamics innovation including its revolutionary asymmetric planform, wing and hydrofoil configuration, the Sailrocket programme is set to redefine future wind-driven craft design and inspire future teams to go even further…