Case study


Following a meeting between the founder of the Schofield Watch Company, Giles Ellis, and Formaplex Composites Director Ian Wilson, Giles asked Formaplex to be involved in the design of a new Schofield watch. The result was the Schofield Blacklamp Carbon watch.
A special edition carbon fibre wrist watch of only 101 pieces, the Blacklamp Carbon is named after an English lighthouse. The Blacklamp Carbon has drawn upon elite English manufacturing. Over 18 months of research and development has gone into creating a proprietary material called Morta®, a special matrix of carbon fibre, hand-laid and formed into small billets. A single billet is used to create one Blacklamp watch case, making each watch subtly different from the next. Machined to the highest specification every watch case is testament to world class English engineering and precision.
Our engineers redesigned the watch housing using CATIA CAD software to maximise the strength and lightweight benefits of the carbon-fibre material. Different designs and lay-up processes were explored to ensure the structural integrity and durability of this very special timepiece.
The Schofield Blacklamp Carbon watch was launched at the SalonQP show, the UK’s premier watch exhibition, at the Saatchi Gallery in London.