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Composite tooling and patterns

Formaplex provides world-class composite manufacturing solutions to help customers realise the innovation that keeps them at the top of their fields.

With a focus on the automotive, F1, aerospace and defence industries, we offer Tier 1 & 2 level services to OEMs, including design for manufacture, advice, composite component and tooling design, project management through production, measurement, quality assurance and logistics.

We offer first-rate composite tooling and tool production services. Tailored to suit customer requirements, we can provide every service from a single composite tool, or component, to a full suite,manufactured to the highest quality with rapid delivery guaranteed. We have the capability to produce in- and out-of-autoclave tooling solutions using low-temperature cure resin prepreg systems, wet layup of high and low-temperature systems and resin infusion systems. In addition, we can manufacture carbon and glass tools for low and medium volume production.

We manufacture tool patterns from a range of materials including epoxy, PU tooling blocks and MDF, to suit project specification and cost. Our experienced technicians provide high-quality surface finishing, including finish painting.

We provide first class tooling and manufacturing solutions, and operate quality management systems ISO9001 and AS9100 Rev.C to support defence and aerospace industries. Our climate controlled clean room and our large 6m x 3m diameter autoclave will accommodate some of the largest components. Our pattern machining facilities operate 24/7 to ensure we meet the rapid delivery requirements of OEM customers, including those in the F1 and motorsport industries.

Research & Development
We maintain a position at the forefront of composite production technology by investing in UK industry collaborative R&D projects with a number of groups through the CiC. We are working to develop new High Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding (HP-RTM) technologies and compression forming of snap curing composite materials to produce lightweight components in under 5 minutes, for the high volume automotive sector.

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