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Learn about our anti-slavery policy and how we combat modern slavery within our organisation.

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Modern slavery act statement.

At Formaplex, we understand that modern slavery is a crime as well as violation of fundamental human rights. We strongly condemn any forms of slavery, including servitude, forced labour, and human trafficking, or any form of work where an individual’s freedom is compromised for company profit.

We are committed to conducting our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we are based with the utmost integrity. This means we respect people and value their diversity. Our aim is to have an inclusive organisation where everyone’s skills and contributions are welcomed and valued.

We know that to deliver our strategy for growth, we must make sure we interact with our employees, customers, and others properly and respectfully. We operate the following principles:

  • Build relationships based on trust
  • Never compromise health and safety
  • Respect people and value their diversity
  • Thrive on complexity
  • Challenge ourselves
  • Safeguard customers reputations
  • Always strive to deliver

We believe that our exposure to the risk of modern slavery is low within our business. However, this assessment is constantly reviewed and should circumstances change, we will have no hesitation in taking the appropriate action.

We have high expectations for our employees and our suppliers are expected to operate to similar code of conduct standards.

At Formaplex, we understand that modern slavery is a crime as well as a violation of fundamental human rights.