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At the cutting edge of the green industry.

Whether wind or tidal, our lightweight composite components assist in renewable energy acquisition.

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How we can help.

Our lightweight polymer and composite production processes deliver parts that help improve the efficiency of your wind and tidal turbines.

4 x growth

Renewable turbine installation is expected to grow 4x by 2030.

40m deep

Tidal turbines are developed to function at depths of 40 meters in highly aggressive environments subject to pressures of 4 bar / 58 psi.

We are experienced in polymer, composite and carbon fibre manufacturing for the renewable energy sector.

Our polymer and composite production and machining technologies mean that we can provide the lightest and strongest structures for your renewable energy devices.

Our largest autoclave at 3m x 6m allows the curing of tidal turbine blades that are then machined on our 8m x 6m 5 axis CNC machine.

We operate 24/7 with ISO 9001 quality accreditation.

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Go further.

We are a lightweighting engineering solutions company offering a clear process to conceive, produce and deliver the perfect components and products for your business.


If you want cost-effective and efficient composite, polymer, or carbon fibre solutions for renewables, we help you make it happen. We’ll help plan and de-risk the whole operation, using years of experience in combining the right mix of materials and processes so you achieve your goal.


When you need lightweight components for your renewable energy project we can assist with design for manufacture. Bring us your idea and we will apply our manufacturing experience and state of the art technology to develop the right tooling.


We offer a complete composite, carbon fibre and polymer prototyping service to our renewables customers. By providing direct epoxy composite mould tools, aluminium injection mould tools and 3D printing, we enable you to test and refine your design quickly and accurately before committing to production.


If you need composite or injection moulded parts for your renewable energy programme, we can deliver. We are manufacturers for some of the world’s leading companies because we solve our customers’ challenges.


Our jigs & fixtures team provides the highest quality fixtures to ensure perfect assemblies. These are then primed, painted or lacquered on our in house paint line where our teams deliver the highest quality finish standards demanded by the industry. Every day.


We work with you to ensure safe transportation of your composite structures to your door, wherever you are.

Share your challenge.

Get in touch, tell us what you are trying to achieve, and let’s see how we can help make it happen.

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Experience matters.

Learn more about how our durable and lightweight composites for renewable energy generation can make your operations more efficient.