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Our values

We deliver lighter, stronger, better solutions to improve your performance and efficiency.

You get better processes and products through our expertise in polymer, composite, and carbon fibre tooling, manufacture, and design.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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During these unprecedented and difficult times, we’ve taken extensive measures to ensure we’ve been able to remain open for business, prioritising the safety and well being of our people at all times.

Preparing for the phased return to work, we intend to continue to lead the way in prioritising safety, using best industry practice and Government guidelines. we are currently introducing more detailed measures to ensure safety is maintained and to support our employees.


How we work.

We solve business-critical lightweighting and strengthening challenges and engineering problems for our clients.


Work together.

We work collaboratively, both with you and with our colleagues, to offer carbon, composite, and polymer consulting services, giving you the tooling and components that you need to excel in your sector.


Working as a team, helping, respecting and supporting our colleagues makes us more productive and helps us reach the goal of delivering a solution for our customers.

Take on a challenge.

We take on challenges that others won’t. Our ‘can do’ attitude and desire to find solutions is why we work until the job is finished. And why we are one of the leading polymer and composite companies in the UK.

Make it real.

We take our customers’ ideas and goals and use our engineering skills to find solutions.

Our vision.

We believe that the objects around us can be made better, lighter, faster and stronger, while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. It may seem like a lot to ask but our ‘joined up’ thinking means that we can give you a powerful engineered solution that delivers all of those things.

Our mission.

At Formaplex, our mission is to understand, solve, and produce well-crafted solutions to our clients’ engineering challenges.

As leaders in the field of lightweight carbon composites engineering, we really do deliver the exceptional every day. That means that we take the complex, the challenging, the possible and the near impossible and we make it real. Together.

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Why choose us?

We deliver solutions for your engineering challenges so you can excel in what you do.

We do this by solving your business-critical engineering challenges. We apply our years of experience and expertise to meet the demands for lightness and carbon reduction (energy saving) so that you can be successful in delivering your end product. Your success is our success.

The needs for our solutions are across industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, marine, medical, motorsport, renewables and space. In fact, industries that help make the world work. We’re UK-based but our solutions are delivered globally.

Our customers come to us with complex challenges and it’s our job to understand what they want to achieve and make it real.

Experience matters.

Find out how we can help you with polymer and composite components and tooling to give you better designs and products for your sector.