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Strengthening components

Add strength without sacrificing performance.

We are experts at adding the right kind of strength to your product, whatever the industry or application.

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The benefits of stronger components.

Our engineered material solutions enhance your end-product and its performance.


By actively selecting the right material, we can help enhance the strength of your product.


By understanding the end use of a component, we specify the right materials to deliver maximum protection.


Making a component strategically stronger leads to enhanced reliability, and a safer, more dependable product.

Materials to meet your needs.

We work with the best suppliers to provide you with innovative strengthening solutions.

Engineered polymers for injection moulding.

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Carbon fibre & glass fibre composites.

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Share your challenge.

Get in touch, tell us what you are trying to achieve, and let’s see how we can help make it happen.

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Learn more about our sector expertise.

Benefit from our wide range of sector knowledge.


We make the aerospace sector safer with our polymer and composite solutions for interior parts, wings and engines.


Our high strength lightweight solutions for high-performance vehicles enhance stability and safety.


Our solutions give the defence sector strong, yet light products that perform reliably time after time.


We provide strengthening solutions for increased durability for the marine sector, enabling higher performance.


With our strengthening solutions, we assist the medical sector with durable and dependable products.


Our high strength lightweight solutions for high-performance vehicles enhance stability and safety.


Stronger components manufactured using our engineered solutions provide longer life to energy acquisition products.


We partner with companies poised to win the race for space, providing them with high strength, lightweight solutions.

Experience matters.

Understand and learn how polymer and composite components can enhance your designs, products, and sector.