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Components to count on.

If you need lighter weight components that will help keep people safe and operational, whatever the environment, we can help.

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How we can help.

We manufacture carbon fibre, composite and polymer components for land systems and submarines that work every time, wherever they are.


On a rolling 10 year basis, the UK remains the second largest global defence exporter after the USA.


Composite materials in the global defence industry are expected to reach an estimated $670m by 2023.

Formaplex works with some of the leading defence contractors, supplying lightweighting solutions.

Our wealth of experience with composites and polymers makes us perfect for supplying lightweight components for defence, increasing efficiency and protection. You get a complete manufacturing service, from tooling through to final assembly and paint finishing. Whether it is a vehicle hood, submarine mast or lightweight armour protection panels, we can provide a manufacturing solution.

With us, you get the best design for manufacture support available plus rapid prototyping and series manufacture. With our climate controlled clean rooms, autoclaves and injection mould machines, we have a manufacturing process to suit your needs.

We supply first class CNC machined aluminium and composite parts. With 44 CNC milling machines comprising the latest 3 & 5 axis technologies, and with our largest 5-axis machine up to 8m x 6m x 2m operating 24/7, we provide fast and comprehensive machining solutions to our defence customers.

Our facilities operate around the clock with quality control supervision and performance monitoring to ensure dependable and fast delivery of prototypes and series production while maintaining the highest quality.

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We are a lightweighting engineering solutions company offering a clear process to conceive, produce and deliver the perfect components and products for your business.


When high integrity and performance is at stake for military applications, we help plan your production and de-risk the manufacture of your design. We help you select the right process and materials whether it’s polymer, composites, or carbon fibre so you get it right, every time.


We understand the need for lightness and strength in composite manufacturing for defence. We bring the latest technologies and specialist analysis software with our expertise in design for manufacture, tooling design and project management. Plus, our process solutions help you achieve results.


We make composite and injection moulded parts for our defence customers from land vehicle hoods and fully fitted out composite crew compartments to naval subsea masts. Our lightweighting expertise brings proven value to the defence sector.


We make composite and injection moulded parts for our defence customers to produce land vehicle hoods, fully fitted out composite crew compartments and naval masts. Our lightweighting expertise brings proven value to the defence industry sector.


Our jigs & fixtures team provides the highest quality fixtures to ensure perfect assemblies. These are then primed, painted or lacquered on our in-house paint line. Our paint teams are delivering daily to some of the highest quality finish standards in the industry.


Tell us how, when, and where you want your delivery, and we’ll make it happen, even if you are on the other side of the world.

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Find out how our carbon fibre components for defence can help improve your operations.