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We supply composite and polymer components that help transform lives.

Whether a carbon fibre prosthetic or lightweight components in new surgical technology, our supplied parts make the difference in the medical sector.

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How we can help.

We develop carbon fibre, composite, and polymer components that improve motion accuracy, portability and durability of next-generation medical innovations.

1/3rd lighter

Carbon fibre composites can be 1/3rd lighter than aluminium for comparable stiffness, resulting in greater motor efficiency for medical robots.


Medical robots’ market will be worth $22.10 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate of 14.6%.

If you’re in the medical sector, you know the need for solutions to help overcome the ever-growing pressures on healthcare providers. Equipment needs to provide faster, more accurate and easier-to-manage ways for the care professionals to carry out their jobs.

If you need high-precision, lightweight carbon fibre or polymer parts for your new medical equipment, we are the experts.

We’ve been working with companies to provide lightweight components for patient monitoring equipment and advanced robotics. This allows increased portability and pinpoint accuracy.

Our extensive range of manufacturing services, developed over 20 years from working in demanding and challenging sectors means the added assurance of proven solutions that work.

Lightweighting means more operations, increased return on investment. Improved accuracy, and more lives saved.

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Go further.

We are a lightweighting engineering solutions company offering a clear process to conceive, produce and deliver the perfect components and products for your business.


When you need a life-critical solution, that’s where we help. Providing full consultation for manufacturers of medical equipment, we help you plan and de-risk the production process. We bring years of proven experience in materials and process recommendations, for extra peace of mind.


When there’s no room for error, we bring extensive composite and injection moulding expertise to your programme. We use state of the art technology and software to design mould tools and project manage your component production to the highest standards.


We offer a complete composite, carbon fibre and polymer prototyping service to our medical equipment customers. By providing direct epoxy composite mould tools, aluminium injection mould tools and 3D printing, you can test and refine your design quickly and accurately before committing to production.


Our proven manufacturing expertise in injection moulding and carbon composites is being used to produce enclosure panels for medical equipment and lightweight articulating arms. We have a manufacturing solution for your medical equipment.


Our jigs & fixtures team provides the highest quality fixtures to ensure perfect assemblies. These are then primed, painted or lacquered on our in-house paint line. Our paint teams are delivering daily to some of the highest quality finish standards in the industry.


We arrange safe delivery of your lightweight medical equipment components, wherever you are.

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Get in touch, tell us what you are trying to achieve, and let’s see how we can help make it happen.

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Experience matters.

Learn about how our medical carbon fibre tooling manufacture can improve your products and sector.