World-Class Manufacturing Solutions

Formaplex is a dynamic manufacturing group. We utilise innovative processes and manufacturing techniques to deliver cost effective, superior tooling and component solutions to customers across many demanding sectors.

It is our combination of the right people with the right attitudes and the right technology which underpins our solutions and ultimately the success of our customers. We are passionate about manufacturing.

Latest News Update

Bentley Motors audit - Grade A status awarded

We are delighted to announce, we have just undergone an audit by Bentley Motors Ltd, the result of which is the achievement of a Grade A status. As Bentley are part of the Volkswagen Group, this approval will also be recognised by Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, VW themselves, Seat, Skoda and Ducati. It will give us a competitive edge when bidding for nominations and demonstrates our commitment to quality, continual...

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