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Clean and safe at work – COVID-19

Keeping an extra clean and safe workplace has moved up a gear at Formaplex since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with extensive measures across all sites to help protect people during these unprecedented times.

It’s been a carefully planned and implemented team effort, in line with Government guidelines, best practice and medical advice as well as the introduction of significant additional measures. All of which have helped to ensure Formplex has remained open for business, with no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Team challenge

Looking after the safety and well-being all employees has always been a priority at Formaplex and the last few months have been a real team challenge, says Angie Tomkins, Formaplex’s HR Manager.

“Right from the start, we took practical steps to minimise every possible risk and it’s definitely been a huge challenge. But what’s shone through is the teamwork and willingness of everyone to go the extra mile to protect themselves and others in big and small ways – from extra cleaning routines to following social distancing and sanitisation guidelines. We’re very proud and thankful to have such a great team,” she said.

Enhanced safety measures

As well as introducing the enhanced safety measures that are now familiar in so many environments, Formaplex also took the step of appointing a qualified Nursing and Midwifery Council Registered Nurse. Nurse Sadie Larkin provides on-site support and information for the business and all staff and their families.

Cleaning services and medical teams work together

Cleaning Supervisor for all Formaplex facilities Charlene Garland added:

“None of us knew what was going to happen and many of us were anxious and uncertain. Having direct and fast access to Sadie’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable. Lots of people have asked for advice and reassurance about COVID-19 precautions as well as general medical advice such as blood pressure checks. For my team, it’s been super helpful to be able to consult and ensure our cleaning and disinfecting regimes meet and exceed the very highest standards.

“Like most people, I’ve got a family life to think about and having a qualified nurse on site makes me feel safe at work. It’s brilliant and I know from talking to others working in all our locations, my feeling of keeping safe is shared. People also know that our intensive cleaning is guided by professional, impartial advice. In recent months we’ve used over 500 litres (around 1,000 pints) of disinfectant and there will be plenty more,”  said Charlene.

Formaplex safety measures include:

  • Daily COVID-19 reviews and risk assessments
  • Increased deep cleaning
  • Enhanced provision of PPE including gloves and masks
  • Sanitising and cleaning equipment widely available
  • Qualified nurse on sites
  • Staggered shifts
  • Temperature checks for everyone entering a building, and referrals to a testing centre for anyone with symptoms
  • One way systems
  • Screened working zones
  • Ban on sharing of pens, phones, desks
  • Upgraded IT systems for remote working and meetings
  • Cycle to work schemes which provide significant savings on cycles and equipment so people can avoid using public transport and we discourage car sharing
  • Ongoing investment in technology such as improved IT systems, robotics and automated paint lines
  • Enhanced safety measures and management for supplier deliveries


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